Careful Contract Drafting

1. Introduction

Introduction to Careful Contract Drafting

4. Protecting Employee Rights

The Contract Has The Employee In Mind As Well


Wrapping It Up

2. Understanding Legal Framework

Understanding Legalities

5. Mitigating Potential Disputes

Clear Contracts Minimise Disputes

3. Clarity and Precision

Good Contracts Are Clear

6. Regular Review and Update

Keep Your Employment Contracts Up To Legal Standard

Human Resources Guide: Careful Contract Drafting

1. Introduction To Careful Contract Drafting

Careful Contract Drafting

a. Significance of Contract Drafting

In the realm of Human Resources (HR), careful contract drafting is a crucial skill. A well-drafted contract safeguards the interests of both the organisation and its employees, ensuring clarity and minimising potential disputes.

b. Purpose of this Document

This document aims to delve into the intricacies of contract drafting, providing expert insights from the perspective of an HR contract legal expert within an Australian context.

c. Scope of Document

We will examine understanding the legal framework, clarity and precision in drafting, protecting employee rights, mitigating potential disputes, and the importance of regular review and updates.

Human Resources Guide: Careful Contract Drafting

2. Understanding Legal Framework

Careful Contract Drafting

a. Importance of Legal Framework

Before drafting any contract, it’s critical to understand the prevailing legal framework.

b. Australian Employment Laws

In the Australian context, familiarise yourself with statutes such as the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, among others. These laws outline the rights and obligations of both employers and employees, serving as the baseline for any employment contract.

c. Compliance with Laws

Ensure that all contract terms comply with these laws to avoid potential legal complications.

Human Resources Guide: Careful Contract Drafting

3. Clarity and Precision

Careful Contract Drafting

a. Need for Clarity

A good contract is clear and precise. It should clearly state the terms of employment, including job title, duties, remuneration, working hours, and termination conditions.

b. Avoiding Ambiguity

Any ambiguity in these terms could lead to confusion or disputes down the line. Thus, precision in language and detail is paramount.

c. Use of Plain Language

Wherever possible, use plain English to increase the contract’s readability and ensure all parties understand their obligations.

Human Resources Guide: Careful Contract Drafting

4. Protecting Employee Rights

Careful Contract Drafting

a. Importance of Employee Rights

While a contract primarily serves to protect the organisation’s interests, it must also respect and uphold employee rights.

b. Provisions for Employees

This includes provisions for fair remuneration, non-discrimination, leave entitlements, and a safe working environment.

c. Legal Requirement and Ethical Consideration

Ensuring these rights are explicitly stated in the contract is not just a legal requirement, but also a testament to the organisation’s commitment to its employees.

Human Resources Guide: Careful Contract Drafting

5. Mitigating Potential Disputes

Careful Contract Drafting

a. Proactive Conflict Management

A well-drafted contract can help mitigate potential disputes. This involves anticipating areas of potential conflict and addressing them proactively in the contract.

b. Dispute Resolution Clause

For instance, including a detailed dispute resolution clause can provide a roadmap for resolving conflicts amicably, should they arise.

c. Importance of Mediation

Consider incorporating mediation or arbitration as preferred methods of dispute resolution to avoid costly and time-consuming court proceedings.

Human Resources Guide: Careful Contract Drafting

6. Regular Review and Update

a. Need for Regular Review


Employment laws and regulations are constantly evolving. As such, contracts need to be regularly reviewed and updated to remain compliant.


b. Risks of Outdated Contracts


An outdated contract could expose the organisation to legal risks, making regular reviews an essential part of contract management.


c. Schedule for Reviews


Establish a schedule for reviewing contracts, particularly when there are changes in legislation, to ensure ongoing compliance.

Human Resources Guide: Careful Contract Drafting

7. Conclusion

Careful Contract Drafting

a. Recap

In conclusion, careful contract drafting is a critical aspect of HR management. It requires a deep understanding of employment laws, precision in language, respect for employee rights, foresight to mitigate potential disputes, and diligence in regular updates.

b. Skills for HR Professionals

By mastering these skills, HR professionals can ensure their contracts serve as robust and fair agreements that protect both the organisation and its employees.

c. Final Note

Please note that this document provides a high-level overview of the topic. For specific advice or guidance, always consult with a professional HR advisor or legal expert.


Human Resources Guide: Careful Contract Drafting

8. Sources

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