Performance Improvement Plan Template
for Australian Businesses.

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Performance Improvement Plan Template: for Australian Businesses

Performance Improvement Plan Template

The Strategic Use of a Performance Improvement Plan Template: An Australian HR Consulting Perspective

A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is a formal tool used by managers and HR professionals to address employee performance gaps. It aims to facilitate constructive dialogue, clarify expectations, and outline the support available to help an employee improve. Here's a detailed look into creating and implementing a PIP template effectively.


How do you write a performance improvement plan?

Writing a Performance Improvement Plan involves several key steps to ensure it is fair, clear, and effective:


  1. Identify Performance Gaps: Clearly define the areas where the employee's performance does not meet the required standards.
  2. Set Clear Objectives: Outline specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) objectives for improvement.
  3. Provide Resources for Improvement: Specify any training, mentoring, or resources that will be provided to assist the employee.
  4. Establish Monitoring and Review Dates: Set regular check-ins to discuss progress and make adjustments as necessary.
  5. Outline Potential Consequences: Clearly explain the outcomes if the performance objectives are not met within the specified timeframe.

What 3 things would you always include in a performance improvement plan?

Three critical elements to always include in a PIP are:


  1. Specific Performance Issues: Detail the specific areas of work or behaviours that require improvement, providing examples where possible.
  2. Improvement Plan: Clearly outline the steps the employee needs to take to improve their performance, including any support the company will provide.
  3. Evaluation Criteria: Define how and when the employee’s performance will be evaluated, including specific targets and deadlines.

What is an example of a PIP?

An example of a PIP might involve an employee who has consistently missed project deadlines over the last quarter. The PIP could specify:


  • The requirement to meet all project deadlines over the next three months.
  • Attendance at a time management workshop.
  • Weekly one-on-one meetings with their manager to review progress.
  • A clear statement that failure to meet these objectives could result in further disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

What is a PIP form for employees?

A PIP form for employees is a document that outlines the specific areas of performance that need improvement, the objectives to be achieved, the support and resources provided by the employer, and the timeframe for achieving these improvements. It serves as a formal agreement between the employee and the employer on the steps to be taken to enhance performance.


Does PIP lead to termination?

While a PIP is designed as a developmental tool to assist employees in improving their performance, it can lead to termination if the employee fails to meet the specified objectives within the agreed timeframe. However, termination is usually considered a last resort after efforts to support the employee in meeting the performance expectations have been exhausted.


What is an unfair PIP?

An unfair PIP may involve setting unrealistic or unclear expectations, failing to provide necessary support or resources, using the PIP as a pretext for termination rather than a genuine attempt at improvement, or not allowing adequate time for the employee to show improvement. It's crucial that PIPs are implemented fairly and transparently, with a focus on support and development, to avoid claims of unfair treatment or constructive dismissal.


In conclusion, a Performance Improvement Plan Template serves as a structured framework for addressing performance issues, setting clear expectations for improvement, and providing support to employees facing challenges. By focusing on fairness, clarity, and support, employers can use PIPs effectively to enhance individual and organisational performance, while also maintaining positive employee relations.


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