• Upon purchasing documents from Guided Business Essentials, they will be readily available for download upon payment processing. All prices listed are inclusive of GST.
  • Once payment is processed and documents are received, they are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Documents will be downloadable for one (1) month post-purchase and allow for a maximum of three (3) downloads.  Jess can you do this section not sure ???
  • By purchasing our documents, you agree to adhere to the following license terms and conditions, applicable to all policies, procedures, templates, forms, checklists, and other materials provided by Guided Business Essentials Pty Ltd.


Scope of Use

  • Your purchase grants you a full license to copy, edit, and modify the documents for the purpose of your business only. Sharing these documents with other businesses or individuals not related to your business, or using them beyond this intended scope, is strictly prohibited.
  • The download is granted exclusively to you and cannot be assigned or transferred to any third party. Sub-licensing any rights under the license is also prohibited.
  • If you are a consultant in the Human Resource industry, you are not permitted to purchase, use, or share our HR documents with your clients/staff. Furthermore, you are prohibited from utilising our product content, in whole or in part, to create your own content.
  • You acknowledge and agree that all intellectual property rights pertaining to the documents belong solely to Guided Business Essentials Pty Ltd.
  • The license allows for sharing your own modified organisational version with approved quality auditors or relevant regulatory bodies (e.g., ISO Audits) only. Otherwise, strict confidentiality of purchased products must be maintained.
  • You shall pay all legal fees (on an indemnity basis), court fees, and other fees, costs and expenses incurred by us in: enforcing the licence or our intellectual property rights against you or any associate of yours (including in pursuing any claim for infringement of our  intellectual property rights by you or any associate); enforcing any settlements or judgements obtained by us against you or your associates in relation to the licence or our intellectual property rights; and successfully defending any claims brought by you against us.


Limitation of Liability

Guided Business Essentials Pty Ltd assumes no liability for your use of our products.

  • By purchasing our products, you acknowledge that we hold no duty of care to you, your associates, or staff/employees/subcontractors/third party participants roles you provide.
  • You accept your own duty of care as a service provider, and any risks associated with the use of our products are assumed by you and your associates.
  • The purchase of our products does not constitute advice or representation from us, and independent advice should be sought regarding the suitability of agreements or contracts for your organisation.
  • You agree that Guided Business Essentials Pty Ltd shall not be held liable for any losses, direct or indirect, including but not limited to loss of profit, revenue, opportunity, or reputation, incurred by you or your associates.
  • Our liability to you and your associates, if any, shall be limited to the price paid for the license/document bundle/subscription at the time of purchase.
  • References to liability include breach of license, breach of duty of care, negligence, misrepresentation, and statutory duties.


Refunds Policy

Refunds are not available for DIY document packages where an automatic download link is provided, and access to the full suite of documents is granted as advertised.

Subscription buyers may be eligible for a refund within 7 days if work has not commenced and if they change their mind or realise, they’ve purchased the incorrect pack.

A 10% deduction applies to cover fees, charges, and initial services/advice.

Refunds are not available once work has commenced, and completed documentation up to the termination date will be provided.


Document Tailoring

Document tailoring is available and will be consulted and charged depending on service such as: Creation of Business Plans, Organisational Disaster and Emergency Plans, Staff Handbooks, Strategic Planning, Website and Branding, this is not included and can be purchased separately at an affordable cost.

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